Simple Assembly Steps

Please view the video to the right and follow along with the simple steps below.
  1. Nail ladders to sides of pallet base with 2" long ring shank nails (3 nails per board).
  2. Place pre-built shelves on ladder cleats and attach with 1" long staples (4 staples per board).
  3. Place vertical shelf support on ends of rack at center of shelves. Attach with 1 1/2" long staple 3 at each shelf and 6 at pallet runner.
  4. Check rack for plumb and place diagonal brace on ends of rack and attach with 1 1/2" long staple 3 at each shelf.
  5. Pre-drill and then drive a 1 1/2" particle board screw in braces making sure that screw goes into pallet runner at bottom and ladder cleat at top.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact us. We would be glad to assist you.